About Us

BIG Diagnostics, a Private Limited Liability Company is a Medical Management and Investments group, which currently offers clinical, administrative, operational and strategic management services in the healthcare domain. Current Medical Investments incorporate Baines Imaging Group, Baines Pathology, Oncocare Zimbabwe, Ambulance Care & Evacuation, Arundel Mediclinic and BainesNet.

The main revenue model is derived from clinical services and their management in various locations, partnering with high-end medical facilities to offer a specialist diagnostics and curative services, across various disciplines in healthcare.

Under the Management arm, the company is focused on clinical management services, technical and biomedical services, consultancy, operation and training in actual or prospective centres seeking for solutions in Radiology, Radiotherapy, Medical Oncology, Pathology and Hospital Management.

Our Mission

It is the mission of BIG Diagnostics to be the leader in providing appropriate healthcare solutions to Zimbabwe, bringing first world healthcare service levels home. This will be achieved by offering experienced, well trained clinical expertise that give accurate, reliable diagnoses, high tech equipment, a fanatical customer service experience, strategic partnerships and flexible acceptance of medical insurance plans.

Corporate History

Baines Imaging Group has been in the medical imaging business since 1951, through successive partnership that culminated in the formation of BIG Diagnostics the current corporate structure of the organisation.

Executive Team

Mr. Ben. Deda (Chief Executive Officer)

Mr. Ben Deda is career Healthcare Manager with over 20 years in Healthcare management. A charted accountant by training, he has headed several institutions offering acute healthcare services in Zimbabwe and the region. He has been CEO of The Avenues Clinic, COO of Spritage Group amongst other key appointments.

Dr. Pria Pakkiri (Chief Operating Officer)

Dr. P. Pakkiri is a specialist Pathologist who received her training in Australia and currently heads the Pathology division of BIG Diagnostics. She is the current chief operating officer of the group with direct clinical and operational oversight.

Dr. Kirtikumar Naik. (Executive Chairperson)

Dr. K. Naik is a specialist Radiologist who received his training in Scotland and has subsequent fellowships in Canada and Australia. He is a seasoned healthcare entrepreneur.

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52 Baines Ave, Harare, Zimbabwe